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Warp The Clones

Recently I went to see my soon to be brother in law perform in his band Warp The Clones at a local pub The Spider's Web. The night consisted of two warm up acts before Warp The Clones came on stage for the final performance, the two support acts which included the acoustic artist Joel Casey and another band called Bob's Army, where the kind of 'alternative' music I was expecting to hear when I got told about the gig. The first act that appeared on stage was Joel Casey, he performed really well as a solo act.
18 year old Joel Casey is an acoustic singer/songwriter local to North East Lincolnshire, you can view some of work on his YouTube channel here at Joel Casey's YouTube account or you can click this link for Joel Casey's Facebook page with a great set of vocals for such a young lad, he was a great choice as a support act, covering songs such as Valerie by The Zutons and No Diggity by Blackstreet as well as singing a song of his own Pixie Dust.
Following Joel, The Spider's Web welcomed Bob's Army, the band consisted of the following:
Connor Bateman - Lead vocals/Rhythm guitar
Conor Billam - Lead guitar/Backing vocals
Bob Mossop - Drums
Jimmy Wood - Bass
Bob's Army
Unfortunately the Spider's Web was the last gig for Bob's Army and they have now split up, but you can still check out some video's at their page here at Bob's Army Facebook page They performed songs such as Air Hostess by Busted, Dani California by Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Fluorescent Adolescent by Arctic Monkeys along with another Arctic Monkeys song Mardy Bum. My boyfriend commented that they seemed to shout rather than sing, but some people do prefer that kind of approach to music. Personally I believe that the songs chosen by both support acts were fantastic choices of songs. I've recently seen McBusted and Arctic Monkeys live so it got me singing along throughout the whole of their set list. The crowd seemed to love the support acts that were provided for them as well as the bar being within 2 feet's walking distance. However it was down to the youngsters to get up and dance away.

The support acts were a good warm up for the final act, Warp the Clones and got the crowd in the mood, even though this was Bob's Army's last gig, I still have to give them some recognition for their performance last weekend. Now on to the main act Warp The Clones, within the band itself we have the following:
Reese French - Vocals
Joel Beasley - Drums/Guitar
Oliver Drant - Bass
Joe Washington - Guitar/Drums

Warp The Clones
They describe themselves as an Alternative Rock band, they are based in Humberston which is local to the Grimsby/Cleethorpes area. They formed officially in 2013. In Christmas 2012 the bassist Oliver Drant started to learn how to play acoustic guitar, and throughout 2013 the possibility of forming a band came into play, at the beginning of 2014 Oli began to learn the Bass Guitar, and Reese French was approached and asked to be the main vocals for the band, purely from hearing him sing at parties when drunk. They began practising music together without the use of drums initially. My parent's in law drew the short straw as their bar is now the place that the band use to practise their music for upcoming gigs etc.
Proud Parents - Deana and Cris with Oli (bassist)
 With the band practising in Oli's garage, they were introduced to drummer Dan Sumner who started learning songs with them for the first gig that they had at Brigg's Britannia Inn earlier this year. Warp The Clones came to write their own song Novelty Of My Disease. The song was written during one of their practises. I spoke to Oli about how the song came to be, and he explained how Joel made a guitar rift which Oli followed with on bass, Dan the drummer came up with a beat to match whilst Oli and Reese worked together to write the lyrics for their first original song you can find the demo without lyrics by clicking on the YouTube link here. Their first gig went well, however the band seemed to struggle to get their drummer Dan to commit to Warp The Clones, and with the gig at The Spider's Web around the corner they made the difficult decision of replacing Dan the Drummer by placing Joel on drums (as he was originally a drummer for a band called 'Plague') and recruiting Joe Washington aka 'Washo' as the new guitarist/sub-drummer. They practised intensively for the gig as they were indeed the headlining act for the night.
 But all that practise paid off, even with the swapping of drummers. their set list went as follows:
1. Under the Bridge-Red Hot Chili Peppers (Joel on guitar and Washo on drums)
2. Lets Get it Started - Black Eyed Peas (Joel back on drums for rest of set and Washo on guitar)
3. What's my Age Again -Blink 182
4. Killing in the Name - Rage Against the Machine (Featuring guest guitarist from Bob's army - Connor Bilam)
5. Your Graduation - Modern Baseball.
6. Reptilia - The Strokes
7. The End - Warp The Clones original
8. I Wish I Was Someone Better - Blood Red Shoes.
9. (encore) Tribute - Tenacious D
Again more music that I personally enjoy, and for only £3 on the door, those who didn't go did miss out on a good night, The 7th song on the set list was a song that the band themselves wrote, and considering they only wrote it the night before the actual gig, they did a really good job as far as song writing goes, I wouldn't have guessed that it was written the night before until Oli told me when I asked for the set list to write this post. One of the songs that stood out the most to me was when they performed Lets Get it Started by Black Eyed Peas, it was well performed by the whole of the band, and although different to the rest of the music they performed it was one that I commented on to everyone else as it seems like quite a difficult and fast beat to keep up with vocally, so well done Warp The Clones. However when they performed What's My Age Again, even my boyfriend (who claims to hate the music I love) was singing along, it was clear to see that this local band is set to be a regular favourite from now on. Usually when I hear people covering The Strokes it's usually songs such as Last Night, so I loved it when they started playing Reptilia. And finally as part of an encore performance Warp The Clones did a cover of the infamous Tribute song by Tenacious D, clear to say this was an all round crowd pleased, that got everyone jumping and singing along, a great song to finish with. I know many people will think my opinion is bias because the bassist is my FiancĂ©'s brother, but the reason I wanted to write this post was because they were good in my opinion (if they weren't good I wouldn't have spent hours collecting images and information on all the bands and set lists) If you are local to North East Lincolnshire keep your eyes out for Joel as he seems to perform at The Spider's Web regularly for charity gigs etc. and of course keep your eyes out for Warp The Clones, Follow them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and also follow them on Instagram to keep up to date on the bands progress. If you want more information on how the band formed then click on this YouTube link for their video Introducing Warp The Clones or to be directed to their own YouTube page so that you can subscribe to them on YouTube. It really good night, and I hope Tom is glad that he didn't miss it because of the world cup! Hopefully many more gigs to come in the future, and don't forget my free tickets when you play at Leeds Fest!!!!
At the beginning of the night - before the pink hat
Father and son - Rocking out



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  1. as Oli mum I didn't know what t expect cos I had no idea what Alternative Rock was, but I can Honestly say it was a fabulous night, really enjoyed the music and the room was alive with a young Buzz. At the end I had a tear in my eye, watching my son perform and seeing how the crowd reacted was a very proud moment for me. Im sure they could be destined for bigger things.


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