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Vintage Fair Haul - Cleethorpes Memorial Hall

So today my friend Lucy suggested going to a Vintage Fair at our local memorial hall in Cleethorpes... planned on not spending anything... clearly didn't happen AGAIN, but i got some pretty neat stuff, and so did my friend - you can check out her post here at Lucy Jane's Blog. Personally I could have easily spent loads more than I actually did but I felt cheeky asking my boyfriend considering I spent £30 yesterday in town. There was some little ornaments I really wanted but I'm trying to avoid buying house stuff until after we move house, but they were adorable, and it's a cat... I am a renowned cat enthusiast aka crazy cat lady.

I really wish I bought the cat thing now and the other thing beneath it, I also saw some rings that were scrabble letters which I also wish I bought now, but hey ho I can't complain. I think i must have not even seen half the stores before I had bought a couple of things, but there was so many little cute trinkets on offer, I wanted them all.

The pink round thing in the middle was something my friend Lucy actually bought, it turned out to be an unopened block of powder from the 50's - she got it for £2.50

The third stall we looked at as we made our way around had a clothing rail which we couldn't resist looking at, it was full of the most random little collection of clothing that my boyfriend would describe as 'Quirky' and I picked up the most fabulous jacket for only £5 and my friend Lucy picked up a cute little green and white Jumper, most of the items on this rail were around £5, so it was great, I am really getting in to wearing quirky jackets at the moment or at least a little blazer to finish off an outfit. They had a lot of variety on the stalls, there were some really beautiful brooches, but I've never bought one, so maybe next time I might consider it. They were also selling records such as The Beatles etc, and some really cute old fashioned tea sets, but again I can't buy any stuff for the house until we move.


 I was pleasantly surprised when we eventually worked our way round and the Rio store had a stall there, I love the shop so much! I bought my London dress from there when I went to London to see Muse. I had seen on Rio's Facebook recently that they had some new summer dresses in, the one they posted on there wall is gorgeous! but when i was looking through the rail of their clothes i ended up going for one of their other new dresses that just came into stock. The picture of the dress here is not me, but it's the only photo available of the dress until I pick it up tomorrow. Personally it is a gorgeous dress, and yes it cost £49 but I have never found a flaw in anything I've bought from Rio. I want their Hedgehog bag at the minute, so I'm hoping I can get my boyfriend to go with me to pick up the dress tomorrow so I can hint to him massively about the flaming handbag. (I've wanted it since Christmas) But for now I'm happy with just this dress, the floral pattern is gorgeous, and i love the ruffles underneath, they even have matching handbags which can be seen in this photo. The person in this photo is Diana, she also bought the same dress a few days ago, and I didn't realise until I got home and saw her photos that we had purchased the same dress, it really is gorgeous, such a girly dress and I love it! The shoes Diana is wearing in this pick is also from Rio.... If i end up buying them I'm going to blame Diana for pulling them off so well haha, and the handbag! great minds think alike. She really did own the dress, I can't wait to get it. Thank you Diana for letting me use your photo, you look great! If you want to check out some of the great things available check out Rios Facebook page - Rio Cleethorpes or if you live local to Cleethorpes, go to their store, the women in their are fantastic and happy to help.

Now onto some of the random little things I bought, on the picture you can see the red jacket that I purchased for £5 along with a cute blue floral top for £8. Sorry about the rubbish lighting. I will be going through each item individually.

I do have an obsession with bath products, see my previous post Obsessions of a bath time hoarder so naturally yes, I bought a bath bomb which smells fantastic. this is from the stall Strictly Soapy click the link to be directed to their Facebook page, me and my friend both agreed, that some of he products they had would be perfect for party favours as we are both getting married, and I thought it would actually be a fantastic idea to give everyone a little bath bomb each rather than the generic box of chocolates people tend to go for. I can't remember exactly what the scent of this bath bomb was, but it smells fantastic, it was only around £1.50 I think. I will definitely keep this company in mind if I ever want to buy someone a little gift. They did some really lovely smelling soaps, but I don't use soap (I do use shower gel, I'm not a tramp) so I didn't buy any even though it smelt great. But like i said they would be a great idea to buy someone as a little gift. I am doing a birthday box for my sister which I'm going to fill with random things, so a little bar of soap or bath bomb would be a fantastic idea. 
There was also another stall that we came across called Purple Lemons Bath & Body Co you can click on this link to their Facebook page, or check out their website The stall reminded me of the skincare products you would expect to see at Lush. I've never actually bought any of Lush's skincare range although I love the bath bombs. But I can't bring myself to pay the Lush prices no matter how many times I read how fantastic they are. However the man at the Purpple Lemons stall sells similar products for around half the price, so if all goes well with the product I picked up, then I've found somewhere good to shop from. He sold a range of items from masks to toners and even products for your hair. There was a variety of cleansing masks to choose from each specialised for different skin types, different ages etc. I picked up the Green Tea Tree Mud which is meant to help those who have oily skin, or like me have a really oily T Zone. I can't wait to try it out later, I love the smell of tea tree products, I might even purchase his tea tree toner once I've used the one I'm currently using. He even gave me a free brush when I purchased the mask. So I will give it a weeks trial starting tomorrow and see how I feel with it. The product I bought only cost me £3, which I think can be quite reasonable when compared to the Lush prices.

There were many other great stalls there such as the Black Cat Vintage This is the stall in which I bought my blue floral top from for £8, I really loved the pattern on this top, and I'm glad I bought it. They really do have some gorgeous things for sale, but I was running out of money so I limited my purchases to only one item. We had a look around various other stalls, but I didn't have time to catch their names, there was one cute little stall that I purchased some little candles from for only 50p each, there was three on the stall so I grabbed all three of them.
I also got these cute little hair grips from the same stall that my friend Lucy got some felt flowers from, they were 80p, I love cute little accessories like this, they're just simplistic to add to any outfit, the woman on this stall had some really great stuff, I wish I caught her name as i really loved the key rings that she hand knitted herself. But for now I'm happy with the hair grips that I bought for myself.
From the same stall that I saw the cute cat ornaments from I also purchased these two little boxes for £1, it was a lucky dip, inside each box was a set of earrings, they aren't really the kind of thing I would wear personally so I think i will just store them for someone's birthday or something, I do like the green ones, but I'm not really sure I like dangly earrings to be honest. But for only £1 each they're not that bad.

Eventually we had managed to look round most of the stalls there... sad to see there was no cake :-( but the last stall i bought something from I am so happy that I went to it, I got some amazing earrings from the stall, and although the perfume doesn't smell the best, the bottle it came in is adorable, I love fish, it even looks like Nemo from the film. The earrings are adorable. Roses are my favourite flower, so when the woman told me they were only 50p I didn't even hesitate, I mean 50p is an absolute bargain in my opinion. I just love the antique look to them, they're just so pretty and 'quirky.'
So there is my little haul from the vintage fair today, I'm so glad I went and I can't wait to pick up my dress from Rio tomorrow. Are any of you Vintage fair lovers?


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