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Smashbox Camera Ready CC cream

So a while ago I received this Smashbox sample in a magazine, it's called Camera Ready CC Cream, to be honest I remember thinking there's BB cream what else does it have to make it different.Not long ago my friend mentioning Smashbox to me a and how she got a try it kit... but I have never used any Smashbox product myself, well I'm annoyed quite frankly! but not for the reasons you would think.
Firstly I am annoyed because I didn't realise how amazing this tiny little sample would be! so I'm annoyed that I wore it on a day where the most I did regarding leaving the house was a driving lesson and nipping over the road to Tesco for more fizzy water, I wish I knew how good it was so I could have worn it next weekend when we go out for a meal, rather than the day I spent most of the day lazing around browsing online and updating my blog, what a waste of makeup! I'm also annoyed that a few weeks ago for my birthday my boyfriend took me to Manchester shopping, and I walked straight past the Smashbox Cosmetics counter as it was right next to the Benefit counter... I wanted to buy their Watts Up, but if I had known again that this CC cream gave my skin such great coverage I would have took advantage of it being my birthday to buy some. Now I have to wait for payday as I've done quite a bit of shopping past few days.
The sample I received within a magazine came in the shade Light/Medium in a sample size of 1.5ml, when I do purchase the full size... and I will! I will probably get the Light shade rather than Light/Medium as it seemed a little bit too dark for my skin tone. I found it at the bottom of one of my empty Birchbox's that I use as makeup storage, and thought ooo sample I will try it out. Now I have to wait until the end of the month before I can get my hands on this product again!

I currently us BB cream, so I didn't really think there would be much different to the type of product I am using now, well I was wrong. Smashbox Cosmetics claim that their Camera Ready CC Cream has all the benefits provided by a BB cream, but with something extra that helps protect, hydrate, control oil and visibly evens dark spots, sun spots and post acne marks, basically BB cream with an extra little kick for those that need it. With SPF 30 protection in it, I do think I have found my new SS14 foundation, I love wearing BB cream as I don't necessarily like the cake face feeling, but after trying Smashbox Cosmetics Camera Ready CC Cream I am definitely onto a winner, I had amazing coverage all day, it blended so easily into my skin, and I didn't need to top it up.
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For only £29.00 (I can hear my bank account faint) I do believe that for me personally once I order the right shade for my skin tone this is a great product for me, as I don't necessarily wear that much foundation anymore, I usually apply the BB cream and then put Rimmels Stay Matte powder over to stop my face from looking shiny, Considering I got given a sample of YSL's coverage foundation when I bought a lipstick last month I would rather spend the same amount of money on Smashbox CC Cream as they are of a similar price. Available in 5 shades I'm sure I won't have any problem finding one for me, I am really annoyed that I have missed out for months on this amazing product!
Do any of you use Smashbox Cosmetics? What are you're favourites, I'm considering placing an order when I get this CC cream, possibly trying out their primer as I recently saw good reviews on that too!

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