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Lifestyle of a lipstick hoarder

This is just some of my lipstick

So we all have our favourites when it comes to makeup right? The type of makeup we usually go to on a daily basis as it's reliable and we know we like it. However if you are like me a lipstick hoarder, you seem to neglect the rest of your makeup when you start sticking to products that you know and love. We are going to be moving house soon, so I reluctantly decided to look at all my bath stuff and makeup and have a good old clear out. As soon as I binned half my products from my bath box, or gave them away I went and bought more haha, that wasn't what my boyfriend meant, but in my defence it was soap and glory products that I definitely will be using as they are my absolute favourites. Anyway, I decided fine I will get rid of some makeup (I didn't mention I had ordered some more off superdrug last week) so I started with the lipsticks that I have in an old Birchbox... These are just the lipsticks I don't have in my makeup bag... but I was good I got rid of some...
I will start with a lipstick I was highly disappointed with, MUA lipstick for £1, but for that price I'm really not bothered.

You would think from the bright pink colour that it would be good right? wrong, I didn't even bother taking a photo when I swatched it as nothing even showed up, you get a little pot of the product that was also in the bottom of the lipstick, I was slightly disappointed because I love MUA for their bargain makeup, I currently have there eyeshadow palette that costs £4. Next time I will take wet wipes with me and swatch in the shop. This product hasn't gone in the bin as it has a pinkish tint to it only a slight one though, which I'm going to try for a nude look, but if I still don't agree with it I'm going to part ways, let me know if you want it! If not I'm sure my sister will.
Next up I have YSL lipstick in Rouge Pur Couture, this was on sale for £16.66 usually about £26 I have used this lipstick quite a few times, and I really love the colour but considering the price I do have other lipsticks that are about £10 cheaper that seem to stay on longer, but hopefully with Lipcote it will help it last longer? If not I will just keep reapplying it.

I think this shade of lipstick is nice and can go with a variety of outfits for the day, I mainly wear it when I wear my floral shift dress as its not too bright and it's a really nice subtle colour that I prefer.
Not long ago I got a lot of makeup products from ELF Cosmetics (Eyes Lips Face) but this was around the time where I had to stopping blogging for a while due to University commitments, but I ordered quite a few lipsticks just from ELF, you can check out their website here I love the products and I currently have my eye on stuff to do another haul at the end of the month. So here are some of the ELF lipsticks that I currently own. One of the Lip Crayons is in my makeup bag as its a daily essential for my makeup look.

ELF Cosmetics Lipsticks
Moisturising Lipstick in Rosy-Go-Round

Mineral Lipstick in Cheerful Cherry and Rich Raspberry
Lipstick in shades Fearless and Sociable

 I also have the moisturising Lipgloss also in the shade sociable. I really love the lip products I got from ELF Cosmetics, I love the variety in shades that are available from the website, my absolute favourites from ELF are the Mineral Lipsticks in Cheerful Cherry and Rich Raspberry, The Cheerful Cherry is much similar to the YSL product where I feel like I pretty much match the shade to the majority of my outfits. It is a subtle pink - red colour, that I love. I will definitely be buying more products from ELF especially more shades of the Mineral Lisptick. I am making a Birthday box for my sister's birthday so a few ELF products will definitely be finding there way into that :-)

Next up are two different lip-glosses that I seemed to have forgotten about, The Rimmel Vinyl Lip-gloss came from Fragrance Direct for £1.25. To visit the website click Here the other product is Collection in Break Dance 4 for £2.99 from Superdrug, I have had this lip-gloss a while and it's a nice pink colour when applying, but as for up to 6 hour wear i doubt it, but I don't ever expect a lip-gloss to last 6 hours so I always carry it around with me to top it up throughout the day. Rimmel's Vinyl Lip-gloss in Bite me is a nice shimmery pink that I love, it's not too much of a bright pink colour, but more of a pale shimmery colour to match the subtle nude look.

Next up in my hoard is Barry M's Gelly Hi Shine lip crayons in shade 5 and 1. Shade 5 which is the paler pink colour is not one that I think suits my skin tone, so unfortunately I will have to pass this on to someone else, Shade 1 however is one that I love, its a darker red - pink colour which I would probably use on a night out purely for the sultry shade. I love applying the lip crayon it's quick and easy, one of my favourite ELF products is another lip crayon so I was happy when Barry M brought these out.

Another lipstick I got from Fragrance Direct was the Calvin Klein lipstick in Delightful, at quite a reasonable price I was delighted when I received this product, but like shade 5 of the Barry M lip crayon I'm going to have to admit that it doesn't suit me at all, although my sister picks this up a lot to steal when she comes round, I'm just reluctant to part with it, but I'm going to have to. I do love the pink colour when I swatch it on my skin, but maybe I'm not destined to be a pink lips gal.

Now onto some of my favourites, Maybelline's stay 24 colour in the shades Rose Dust, Raspberry and Red Passion. I have to admit Rose Dust is an absolute favourite shade that is similar to my YSL Lipstick and the other ELF Lipstick I have, basically you apply the lip stain to your lips and then apply the balm and keep applying the balm throughout the night to keep the product on your lips. I wore the Red Passion to a charity event and still couldn't get the product off the next day so I just decided that it was easier to reapply it before I went to breakfast.
Rose Dust is a nice subtle pink once again, and I love going to it over and over again, it's a shade that I think really suits my skin tone, I bought Raspberry not long ago as I like to mix it up and wear bright lips sometimes, Red Passion is purely because every girl needs a redder than red lipstick, and it really is a lovely vivid red colour that goes really well for a night out, I barely worry about re-applying throughout the night and just take the balm out as you can also buy the balm separately. They are one of my favourite Maybelline products, and I really want to get more shades of this product, I'm sure I have another one somewhere... but it's like finding a needle in a haystack at the minute, so hopefully when we pack the bedroom away I will find it.

Last but not least, a product I am disappointed with, again from Fragrance Direct I bought Maybelline Colour Sensational Popsticks in shade Crystal Pink for £2.25 I expected more from the product as the packaging is a vibrant pink colour, and I really loved how bright the packaging was, however when trying this on, it doesn't really show up for me, I couldn't even swatch it as it just made my skin look slightly shinier rather than giving it a pink tint. I was really hoping more considering how much I love Maybelline, but I'm going to have to get rid of it.

I have ordered an Acrylic Lipstick holder from Amazon so I can't wait for it to arrive, that way I won't have to chuck my lipsticks in an old Birchbox, that way I won't neglect some of the shades that I have been missing out on as I don't always have the time to rummage through the box everyday. Hopefully it will be here soon so I have all my lip products out on show for me to see :-) Do you have any favourites? I really do love the ELF products I bought definitely using them more often now.


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