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I've gone AWOL again

Hey everyone once again if haven't had time to commit to my blog, I've recently started a new job and it's a complete career change ish for me, I'm still a support worker except now I've moved from child services into adult services and rather than support those with learning difficulties I now support adults with physical difficulties so it's all completely new to me and there's a lot of training regarding moving and handling, I also got promoted to team leader which means I'm in charge of the support workers when I'm on shift, I have to administer medication etc which again is a big thing that I have to learn and soon I will be learning how to inject someone as several service users require injections. I'm on 14 hour shifts at the minute on a rota of 3 days on 3 days off, so my next day off is Sunday, so I promise I will attempt to make an appearance :-) hope everyone is well I have a million posts in my draft! But for now I will be a bit quite as I literally go home sleep then go to work

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