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Tkmaxx - London

It has been more than 2 months since I last updated my blog! I am so sorry, but I've had all of my uni work due in this month and I knew that if I continue to blog I would never get my uni work done!!! But hallelujah it's finished, well until September. Anyway I thought I would just do a little post to get back into it. I'm currently in London until tomorrow, my sister and I got tickets to see arctic monkeys last night and today we just did a walk around went shopping etc. I will do a full post when I get home as I'm currently using the bloggers app on my phone. We went to tkmaxx today and I got a great little top for £9.99 

It is what my boyfriend would describe as 'quirky' but he's started saying that to everything I wear or buy. I love it, and I can't wait to wear it tomorrow, it's perfect for summer. Can't believe it was £9.99, the tkmaxx in London is so much bigger than the grimsby one :-( apart from the top I was looking at the soaps an makeup section, because I always look there for something. I was looking at shampoo at first, but I'm quite happy with the products I'm using. I picked up a tube of quick fix facials, originally I was going to get another one for oily skin but I decide to go for the purifying charcoal mask for congested and lifeless skin. It cost me £2.99 and RRP's at £4.99 I wouldn't pay that for a facemask to be honest but for £2.99 I'm willing to try it. I really do love it! It smells like cinammon, which I love, but can get a bit much when you've had it one a while :-p
The mask is to help get your face rid of environmental toxins, dirt and debris, blackheads and whiteheads. This is what made me buy this in the end, I want something that can get right into the pores of your skin for a deep cleanse.
My skin does feel smoother, my sister said it feels like a baby's right now, she keeps stroking my cheeks haha. I haven't had a reaction like I did with the seaweed mask I blogged about earlier in the year. But for £2.99 I am really happy with this product. General face mask application I just lather it on with my fingers. And it was easy enough removing it too. My face looks a lot softer, so will definitely e using this again. I will try and keep on top of my blogs now. 
Does anyone have any face masks that teu swear by? Or have any of you tried this one or another from the same brand? I will blog about my weekend in London once I'm home and I've had a few hours working off my Burger King in the gym. Speak soon!

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