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Shopping trip

 Usually when I go shopping I have a terrible habit of buying clothes repeatedly, I went to the gym in the afternoon as I planned, and I arranged to meet up with my friend Siobhan so that she could walk back to my house with me and help me pack some of my stuff... well that clearly did NOT happen! We only meant to nip into Costa so I could grab a black coffee... I had £30.... had. In my defence though I think I bought some pretty neat stuff, despite what my boyfriend says as he rolls his eyes  and I try to hide the receipts of course.

Tkmaxx -Lavender bath salts £6.99
Everyone who knows me will know about my addiction to Tkmaxx... but surely everyone loves it in there right? You never know what you'll find! I picked up a cute little black crop top for £9.99... walked around the shop with it for 10 minutes and decided I didn't need anymore clothes at the moment (I'm shocked at that decision) so I wandered into the section where they keep all the makeup, shampoo and down right dinky little soaps and bath salts... I saw a huge plastic container full of bath salts for £4.99 picked it up and thought it could do. But I didn't love it, I just wanted bath salts, the container was plain so I gasped when I saw this cute little plastic jar with spoon attached, slightly smaller and £2 more but I loved it. it's something I would keep so I could put more bath salts in once its empty. So yeah £6.99 seems a bit pricey but I really do love the jar it comes in, perfect for my bathroom. Even when we move.
Claire's accessories - fake nails £6.00
Claire's Accessorie's - infinity studs £5.50
Boots - Sugar Crush £6.50, Pulp Friction £8.00, Orangeasm Body Wash £6.50
Claire's Accessories - single rainbow hoop £5.50
We made our way over to Claire's Accessories as one of our other friends works there. I had recently seen some of Claire's fake nails on amazon, and I was thinking of starting to wear them more so my nails look nice for a change because I never bother painting them... you wouldn't guess considering I have a massive bag full of nail polish. But nail painting is just a fiddly job I have no time for lately... I can't sit still long enough for them to dry, I refuse to get acrylics, so these were my last option. I love them! they were £6 and I am slightly obsessed with the infinity symbol... I have a tattoo, bracelet, ring etc. I usually struggle finding fake nails that fit my thumb but these fitted perfectly. I loved the design on them, and the application was easy enough for me to do while I was watching TV. I am not too sure how great they are in regards to how long they last, most say 7 days, so hopefully they do, I will definitely be buying nails from Claire's Accessories again. I know everyone is going on about the Primark fake nails at the minute, I did look because of them being only £1 but in Grimsby the only design they have is plain French nails or the England flag... so that was a no for me, I was quite happy to spend £5 more and get this cute little set.  I also purchased some earrings as they were buy one get one free... again I got infinity symbol earrings, I couldn't resist. I also got a single rainbow hoop for my cartilage, just something different to wear when I'm not at work rather than just the same blue stud I've had in since I got it done.

I know nearly every girl now has a pair of frilly socks at the moment as they're the fashion, and I don't know why I haven't got a pair. I always pick them up, and just forget to buy them, but when Siobhan was trying on a dress in Primark today I was looking at their frilly socks, and I love the ones that I picked up. They're not plain like most of them, so I can't wait to wear them with my playsuit and converse, I love the floral pattern on them, they're very cute and girly. for only £1.50 I might go in and get a few more plain pairs, but I will see how they look on me first.

Primark - socks £1.50
Boots - Lipcote £3.69

We eventually headed into Boots, I resisted buying makeup! I am quite proud haha. At Christmas Boots always do the Soap & Glory giftsets, and last Christmas my boyfriend was kind enough to buy me one for around £10, I am yet to use my clean on me and my hand food, as I have that many flaming bath products it will take me until next Christmas until I even get round to them. I did however in a matter of a few washes use up all my mini sample of Pulp Friction.... I couldn't get enough of it. I loved how smooth my skin felt after using it, however every single time I've been in boots local to me since Christmas they never had the full sized version of Pulp Friction... and I didn't want to order offline I don't know why I just never considered it. Today I finally got my hands on it! I felt like I had won my battle finally, almost 6 months I've been waiting to get my hands on it again! And to put the icing on the cake, Soap & Glory was on offer for 3 for 2... I was like a kid in a sweet shop trying to pick was products I wanted. My second choice was easy, my friend Siobhan told me how their new products smell amazing! I smelt it and wow it really does. I love citrus fragrances so their new Orangeasm was perfect. The body spray however was £12! I am reluctant to spend that much on body spray as whenever I find a body spray I like... I tend to get a bit trigger happy with it... so that wouldn't last me 5 minutes let alone 5 days/weeks. I decided to settle on the Orangeasm Body Wash instead, and then my final choice which was the most difficult as I was considering getting Pulp Friction twice was the Sugar Crush body wash. I decided to mix it up a little bit, as I haven't ever bought myself Soap & Glory products, they're always bought for me. I love the pumps on the Sugar Crush Body Wash and the Orangeasm. I even love the play on words they use for all their products... Orangeasm... I know what you're all thinking, as for Pulp Friction... Pulp Fiction is my favourite ever film so it makes sense that I chuckled at the name (simple minds)
My first natural instinct when I ran my bath tonight was to use my Pulp Friction, purely because I've waited ages to use it again. But I decided since the Orangeasm was a new product to the Soap & Glory range, I might as well give it a whirl. I am glad I bought this, especially since I technically got Orangeasm for free with them being on offer. I love the mandarin fragrance to it, and the way it lathered nicely, I am a massive fan and I can see these being quite a popular thing especially for the summer. You will no longer want to smell like roses when you have the chance to smell like oranges! Although I am going to hint to my boyfriend about the body spray.... I would bath in that if I could it is so addictive! Anyway! Moving on before i carry on rambling about bloody oranges for half an hour, another product i keep seeing pop up on my instagram/twitter/Facebook is people talking about the Lipcote product, again my friend Siobhan pointed it out to me in Boots, and she said she's even tried it. I thought for something everyone keeps raving about, to help keep your lipstick intact throughout the night etc. it might be more expensive than it actually was. I was expecting to pay around £5 so with it being under £4 I didn't hesitate to pick it up, although I am yet to use it, but I will be testing it tomorrow and comparing it to Maybelline's balm that you get alongside their 24 hour stay lip stains. Application looks simple enough, you apply this product to and around your lips, and keeping your lips apart it dries and keeps your lipstick intact. and if I don't like it I'm sure my friend will be happy to have a freebie.

Like I was saying earlier... I do love the infinity symbol. Two years ago i got the infinity symbol tattoo, with the words love and life, and a feather, it's on the back of my neck, and I love it... so I was pleasantly surprised when I bought the fake nails today and discovered that one of the designs on the nails were almost exactly like the design of my tattoo... it made me love them even more, if any of you saw my London post Click here to view it I mentioned how I bought me and my sister matching bracelets, they too have the infinity symbol on, and i even have a ring as well, and now i have the earrings that I also purchased today. I just love it, it's such a simple yet pretty design, and if any of you have read or seen Perks of Being a Wallflower you will know the infamous quote "and in that moment I swear we were infinite" I think it is that which brought the obsession on... haha at least it's pretty :-)

Me and Siobhan wearing our charcoal facemasks from Tkmaxx
I thought I would include this gorgeous picture of me and Siobhan in our face masks... I posted a few days ago about the charcoal face mask I got from the Tkmaxx in London, so when I saw the same face mask in Grimsby's Tkmaxx I pretty much forced Siobhan to buy it, for only £2.99 I think it's a great product, again my skin feels so smooth... plus if she didn't buy it I would have haha
Thanks a lot for reading!

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