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Beauty empties

Some of the products that have been emptied over past couple of days.
I see a lot of people posting about when they buy a new product etc, so I decided to do a post about all the products that I've managed to empty over the past couple of days. Some of them I am truly gutted about, and there's a couple that I am glad to chuck in the bin. First off I will start by stating each product, these are just rough prices so if you see any of them cheaper elsewhere let me know!
Garnier skin naturals refreshing scrub - £2-3.00
MUA Undress Your Skin Flawless Primer - £5.00
Manuka Doctor rejuvenating face mask - £39.99
Beauty protector protect and oil - £16.00 
Molton brown replenishing hand cream - £10.00
Tesco fragrance free baby wipes - £0.75
Gilchrist and Soames shower gel - £13.75
Lush blueberry bubble bar £3.10

I am very cautious about what I put on my skin, I use to just use this purely because it was cheap, but since I've started to spend a little bit more, I am really glad that I don't have to use this again. it isn't bad, but I feel like it is a little bit too rough on my skin compared to other products that I've been using recently. I recently got the Liz  Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser in my Birchbox and the dramatic improvement to my skin is hard to ignore. I've also been using various face masks etc.

This is one of the products I truly am gutted about, I loved this product! Beauty Protector protect and oil arrived in my Birchbox a few months ago, and you only need a tiny amount to help the fight against frizz, It is great and for the price I am definitely going to purchase the full sized product, as the sample I received was really small. it smells fantastic, and it kept my hair healthy for longer between cuts. I didn't need to use as much heat on my hair when I used this.

Another product I will miss, and for £10 I'm not too sure I will allow myself to re buy considering I still have 2 tubes of soap and glory's hand food to use. Yes it left my hands feeling soft, but in my opinion there are many hand creams that do that for a lot less. The only thing that I really loved was the smell of the hand cream, it reminded me of the smell of the fruit salad sweets you get. I love the smell of it, and I'm glad that I got this product in my Birchbox, and it is currently out of stock, which shows how popular it is.

I bought this on a whim as I was quite new to the whole primer thing back when I bought it, MUA's flawless primer has simplistic packaging, and the price isn't something you can really argue with but after using Dr Brandt's Pores no more pore refiner or Benefit's Porefessional, I would rather pay the price for a really good product. I felt like MUA's primer just sat on my skin, it was far to oily for my personal liking. whereas other products seem to blend in really well, but again for £5 I'm not too fussed.

Another product I received in my Birchbox, I got three of Aprils favourites products for signing up (I cancelled my subscription and signed up with another email address... but in my defence I got some good freebies out of it) I got this along with another Eyeko and Nail Rock, which I was happy about as I am in love with Eyeko's eyeliner. However when I got round to using this product I wasn't that impressed. the smell didn't stand out to me like other products have in the past, so it isn't really something that I would ever buy. I like products that have strong smells, preferably floral or citrus. So this product didn't exactly wow me like others, and I don't understand how it was an April favourite, and I wouldn't be able to justify spending over £13.

Now I swear everyone I know is a massive Lush fan. I spent about £30 in Lush last month and today I decided to treat myself to a Lush bubble bath, I had a but of stomach ache so I needed to relax, I used the Blueberry Bubble Bar today I love it, it is quite a big bar as well so plenty of bubbles for me, and it turns the water a lovely pink purple colour. I will always love Lush, but it's not something I use everyday as I the nearest Lush shop to me means I have to drive over an hour, or go to Meadowhall shopping centre on the train... a long way, I would order off the Internet but I love the experience of going into the shop because I buy something different every time based on what I feel smells nice on that day.
now I didn't include separate photos of the Manuka Doctor rejuvenating face mask, I received a tiny little sachet sample through ordering a free sample, the sachet seems small, but it was plenty, I could have easily covered my face twice in it but I guess it's better to have too much than too little... I looked on the Internet for a rough price of this product as I do really like it, and as soon as I saw the price my head said stuff that. I have a few more sachets left, so unless it turns out to be an absolute miracle cream I doubt I will buy it... I wouldn't even dare, if my boyfriend asked me how much it was he wouldn't understand, you should have seen him having a BF over the price of Benefit products when I bought some for my birthday. I put this mask on in the bath, and you leave it on for up to 30 minutes, and yes my skin is feeling fantastic these past few days, but the price really puts me off. As for the Tesco baby wipes, they're just what I use to clean my hands, my makeup packaging and my storage rack I have for my daily products, I did use to use them for my face... but I stopped being so tight haha, and I do notice the difference in my skin, even my pores.
I am really glad I still have my Birchbox subscription it opens me up to a lot of great new products, I am so happy I got the beauty protector oil, I am buying the full size as we speak!! :-)

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