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Arctic Monkeys, Macaroons, and the need for dry shampoo

So last weekend on the 24th of May I went with my younger sister Alyssa to see Arctic Monkeys at Finsbury Park. They were fantastic of course!! We got the train around lunch time on Saturday and I really wasn't prepared for the rubbish weather ahead so I had to go into town in a vain attempt to find a jacket that had a hood. I went everywhere, but all the shops were stocked up with summer wardrobes, so I was so glad when I walked into Topshop and picked up this jacket for £45... I got 10% off with student discount, but at least I now have a jacket for this terrible weather! It came in handy with all the pockets to keep my phone and money safe during the concert and walking around London. We finally got on the train weather proof! Well I did... my sister didn't think to bring a jacket. (sucked to be her)
Jacket - Topshop - £45
Bag - Topshop £36
Leggings - River Island - £10
Top - New Look £12.99
We stayed at Jury's Inn Hotel near Heathrow Airport, it was a really nice hotel... so I felt a bit bad after the concert when I rolled in lathered in mud...
I've had these Converse for 7 years now... they've survived thankfully!

Arctic monkeys
When we got to the hotel we literally got changed and went straight to Finsbury Park, I changed into my new look jeggings, purely for comfort, they too got covered in mud, because some drunk guy fell over behind me and he kicked me the nonce! I didn't bother doing much with my hair purely because of the weather so I just settled for a messy bun.
Me and Alyssa - Arctic Monkeys
Lets just take a second to appreciate how flaming gorgeous he is! Thank-you.
 well because of my jacket drama and the 3 hour train journey we missed the first support act, but got there just in time for Miles Kane. I like his music, but I haven't really listened to him much, I do like him though so I will start listening to songs over than taking over. The band that came on after Miles Kane though.... I can't remember what they were called but omg! they were terrible.... it was kinda stoner music gone wrong, the only reason I say stoner music is because of the guys that were high a few feet from us that were dancing, it was hilarious, the only thing that kept us going through that terrible support act. luckily Arctic Monkeys came on and all was right in the world of music! They played a variety of songs from their new album AM, the popular ones: Are You Mine, Knee Socks, Why Do You Only Call Me When You're High, they played some old songs as well such as Dancing Shoes, I was quite shocked when they never played Mardy Bum though, that's one of my favourites. They did also at the end do an acoustic duet of 505 with Miles Kane... Alex Turner is just so smooth. he was stood there singing with Miles, fag in one hand drink in the other.... I can see why people were fainting... either that or the strong smell of weed and cider caused them to keel over. They were truly as fantastic live as I expected them to be. I didn't care about the rain, and I HAD to by a t-shirt.... I do for every single concert I go.... I even got a McBusted top when I saw them on the 11th May in Manchester, and I'm not afraid to wear it!!!! Haha. I went for the black tee with the album cover logo on the front, and the tour dates on the back, whereas Alyssa went for the Arctic Monkeys white tee.... I did like it but I wanted the black one because it had the tour dates on the back, the white one didn't :(

The next day we didn't really have any plans, we just decided to get a day ticket for the underground and just look around London for the day, the top I wore is from River Island and I love it, I can't remember how much it cost me exactly, but I love the pattern on it.
My sister does the overly obsessive girlfriend face a bit too well...

 my sister had to take this photo for me, anyone who knows my boyfriend Tom will understand why, the guy I'm sat next too is honestly a spitting image of him, we have a joke were if we see someone's clone or what we call doppleganger's we have to photograph them as evidence... it is so freaky, I was trying to look normal while my sister took the photo, but I think he knew haha
My favourite spot in London - the fountain, I just love the way the horses look like they're coming out of the water
We found a comic book store that had a perfect photo op for me and Alyssa.... we didn't actually buy anything though

We went to China Town a few times, we found a great sushi place.

 We found a shop all about wildlife, we had a look round to see if there were any silly gifts we could buy our boyfriends, but I ended up being a giraffe instead... I don't think Tom would appreciate me buying him them...

 we came across the typical sightseeing things you expect to see around London... such as Slash... I hate these people! honestly scare the hell out of me, it makes my sister laugh so much but I don't go near them, Alyssa pointed one out to me and I didn't notice where he was until I walked right next to him, I was just like ooooh hell no! I walked away very fast. One thing we experienced that was great was a street act outside Burger King in Leicester Square, they were doing break dancing etc, keeping in mind it was on concrete, so if it went wrong they would have really hurt themselves... it came to the point were they wanted people out of the crowd... I was videoing it so I shoved my sister forwards... she will never forgive me because I caught the whole thing on camera. they got her and 2 other people to squat down with two of the other performers, all next to each other in a line, while the third performer ran up and did a somersault over them. It was great, purely because I was hoping he wouldn't jump over them so I could laugh at my sister, but he made it. 

there was loads of street performers within Covent Gardens, such as this really weird looking guy who got two people to put him in a straight jacket then wrapped him in chains... he obviously got out of the chains because they were wrapped in a way where he was able to wiggle them off. And he also managed to get out of the straight jacket... which I will keep in mind for the future should I ever need to escape one.

one of my highlights was my sister getting me to try Macaroons for the first ever time... oh my god I have been missing out! They were amazing, I only bought 3 because they were £1.75 each from Laduree. I bought Alyssa a vanilla one which I only had a bite out of because they were so small, and I bought myself a raspberry flavour and some bubble-gum type flavour... I could seriously get fat off these. Going to be buying them for my boyfriend to try... and so that I can have some more of course, to test out different flavours. We walked around Covent Gardens for a bit watching the street performers and looking in the different shops there. we came across a little shop that were offering free tea tasting.... can't say no to a freebie!

there were women outside of the shop offering little samples of Japanese Green Tea which was delicious, so we headed down the staircase to see what else they had to offer. I want to go back to London purely to go back to this shop, I tried a peach flavoured tea, and it was so tasty I kept going back for more, it was a lovely peach colour, it smelt great and it tasted fantastic, I wish I had more money on me at the time because I really did want to buy some. I'm currently drinking just normal twining's green tea at the moment, so this peach flavoured tea would be a great thing to have just to change it up a bit. If anyone knows where I can get some tea like this without going all the way back to London tell me! I will love you forever if it tastes as good as this one.
the one on the right is the peach flavoured tea, I love the colour
I saw this cake from walking around London, we passed it when we left China Town, I'm getting married in just over a yeaso thought this would be perfect as a wedding cake idea, as I love roses, but I don't think it will be as big as this.

Top - Tkmaxx - £9.99
Face Mask - Tkmaxx - £2.99
As mentioned in a previous post I dragged my sister into Tkmaxx as soon as I spotted it... it is my favourite shop in the world! it is like a little treasure hunt for me. my shopping equivalent of Narnia, you never know what you're going to find, especially when you go to different ones in different places. I only spent £12.98 but I loved looking at all the cute little dinky things they had in there. the different range of skin care, and they even had some elite model makeup in there... but Tom would honestly kill me if I came home with make-up, so I bought a top instead and a face mask. We headed back to Chinatown for some grub, im not a fan of sushi like my little sister, but the chicken noodle concoction I got tasted so yummy, what I ordered was called Chicken Gyoza Soumen,only 230 calories and I loved every mouthful, Alyssa got a variety of different things, they had stud that was 2 for £1.20 etc so we had  nice sushi picnic back at the hotel.

Alyssa had to improvise with the weather

Eventually the time came for us to pack up (my) suitcase. Again it was chucking it down with rain, I luckily had my jacket... Alyssa had to spend like £3 on this crappy see through bin liner contraption that she wore once, ha-ha, you can tell from the photo that she loved me taking a photo of her with the poncho thing on, but at least she kept her hair dry.

We headed to the science museum for our last little trip... Black coffee in one hand, and my mini case in the other. I wore my arctic monkeys top for the last day as the top I bought from Tkmaxx is a little croppish and it is FAR to cold and wet for me to even consider wearing it yet, but as soon as the sun comes back out it is going on!
The Science museum was full of various things, such as what the first ever cars looked like, some you had to lift the roof off in order to get inside... I couldn't be dealing with that, I would rather walk. It also had a room about space, and all the planets etc. I found it all quite interesting plus it is free to enter, they ask you to make a donation but you don't have to... just be wary if you want them to look after anything in the cloakroom... I put my suitcase in there because I didn't want to wheel it around with me and it cost £4! scammers. Anyway I'll get over it. One of the things that I did find interesting is some of the stuff upstairs, they had things on what makes us, us. our gender our sexuality, it had some information on the kind of things that a transgender person would use during their transition. such as Binders, hormone tablets etc.
 It also had an area that had a monkey skeleton and human skeleton, as well as their brains within the glass jars that you can see on the photos, it even compared it to the shape and size of a mouse brain. I know I sound like a proper geek but I love this kind of stuff.
Monkey Brain
Human Brain
Couple gave birth to twins who were both born on the same day, except they had different skin colours.
I enjoyed looking at the section that listed loads of different phobias in it, fear of dentists... clowns... puppets blehg at least I'm not the only one, although it was funny to see the fear of long words was a really long word... irony is a bitch.
genetic mutations - the cat born with seven toes
Genetic Mutations - the white peacock

We eventually got on the train home, Alyssa bought two Twinkies because again it's another thing that I've never tried before, neither had Alyssa... Ew I did not enjoy it one bit, and neither did Alyssa, it is clear to see why the Americans are so fat if they eat 20 Twinkies on the go. they were far too fatty and sweet, but I've learnt my lesson.

 I also bought me and Alyssa matching eternity bracelets, they were only £1.50 and quite tacky but we both wanted them as soon as we saw them so I had to get them. I really want to go back to London, I know I didn't do what everyone usually does like seeing the London eye but I wouldn't have gone on it so I didn't see the point in going there. what are you're favourite places to go for a weekend away? my next concert now is Blondie... Can't wait. so much for saving my money this year!

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