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W7 brow bar

I saw this on fragrance direct for just over £3 I didn't buy it, but yesterday I went to my local B&M and they had it in for only £2.99 so I decided I might as well try it.
The packaging is quite nice it even has instructions on the back
I do like clear and simple instructions, I was a bit disappointed that you just pick the colour suited to you. So basically you get all four colours but can only use one unless you change your hair colour, I'm number 3 because I have dark hair, just a shame, might have been better if you had the option to just buy the different colours separately, since I will never use the others, apart from 1 also which I use below my brow to highlight it a little. It comes with stencils and there's 3 different shapes, 
Sorry about the photo but the stencils are transparent... I'm going to end up losing them I reckon haha. Overall I like the idea but it is difficult to hold the stencil in place and put the stuff on at the same time. But I managed okay :-)
I'm not a fan of these massive eyebrows, I want mine to look natural I only fill them in because I have a slight bald patch on my left eyebrow it looks so bad, but overall for £2.99 it is actually quite good, my eyebrows looked defined and not like sluggish which I was worried about. Has anyone tried other eyebrow products? I know benefit are currently doing their brow arch march, I love the play on words. :-)
Happy blogging everyone

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