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Today's face

I bought the new company magazine today, which come with a free mascara at the minute. Always love a freebie!!!
Decided I would switch to this mascara for the day. I love it 
Although my hair is such a mess so excuse that haha. I decided to do a blog on what's on my face today
I'm always looking to try something new. So perfect opportunity to try out this new mascara. But I really need to sort out getting my phone fixed so I can use the reverse camera again. Took a million attempts to get a photo.
I always cleanse my face and wash it in the morning before I put my makeup on. Then I moisturise etc. I start by putting on maybelline's new baby skin, instant pore eraser. I've heard mixed reviews on this product but i think it's quite good. Although I have recently purchased a different brand I heard good reviews about which I will use once I run out, but I am faithful to maybelline so far. I vary with my foundations don't know why but today I put on No7 essentially natural foundation, it has SPF15 in it and I love how it feels on my skin. This shade is in cool vanilla, but if you go to a No7 stand in a boots they will test your skin and tell you which shade and type is best for your skin, definitely re-buying this. It's good that they test it an base it specifically for your skin type etc and match the pigments in your skin tone. I use my foundation brush to apply this, as it blends it into my skin naturally. Next I put on a quick dab of Rimmel match perfection, in ivory, I've already made a dent in this compact but I do love it! It is my handbag essential. I move onto eyes next I didn't bother with eyeshadow today but just put on a brown eyeliner pencil, the brand is fero. I can't remember where I got this from though then next I used the w7 deluxe eyebrow pencil before applying the company mascara I got today, it's not clumpy and it lengthens my lashes beautifully. Really happy I got this, and I enjoyed flicking through the company magazine too! Might subscribe :-D too finish it off I brush on collection sheer loose powder in translucent, it's a bit like the finishing veil powder from bare minerals, same concept but soooo much cheaper :-) happy blogging

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