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Tesco skincare haul

If nobody knows about soap and glory I would be quite shocked!!! But anyway here is the Tesco equivalent called along came Betty. I've been quite interested in getting some of their products to try just kept forgetting to go down that isle. Yesterday I actually had a look, all the along came Betty stuff was reduced to clear, so the products I got we're all under £3 (I've lost the receipt) I don't usually apply creams but I'm intending on keeping up with my skincare routine. I got all in a days work protective day cream, it's got SPF15 in it and smells great, I tried it on this morning and my skin still feels soft, I also got myself the eye me up eye lifting cream, I have problems sleeping and suffer with dark circles and puffiness so I wanted to give this a try. I will be trying the night shift night repair cream tonight. I want to keep up with the skincare routine and a lot of people have mentioned about me using baby wipes, and that I should get myself proper makeup remover or makeup wipes. Because I know the simple range agrees with my skin I went hunting for their makeup wipes, £2 in tesco at the minute where I live. Why was I using baby wipes!!! I must have to use about 2/3 wipes to remove my makeup, but with the simple make up wipes I only used 1, and my skin looks fresher and healthy, despite being hungover, they didn't have much available with along came Betty maybe because of it being reduced, but I will be stocking up!!
I love the packaging, similar to soap and glory's pink and girly fifties inspired packaging. It's so cute and colourful, the products are a great price and I'm definitely going to be using it daily

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