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I know I usually blog about my ever growing obsession with makeup... But I couldn't resist with sharing the new addition to our family... Everyone who knows me, knows I am devoted to my two cats... Almost to the point I was thinking of ways to include them in my wedding (my partner said absolutely no) but my soon to be mother in law asked if I wanted to take one of her guinea pigs, as it wasn't getting on with the other piggies... I'm so happy.
I have always wanted a guinea pig or pretty much any animal if my partner lets me, haha... He's scared he will come home to a house with hundreds of cats. So we now have this cute little pig which we have decided to call Ted (have you met Ted? Reference from how I met your mother) I was very concerned about my cats reaction... I've seen my black moggy skillfully take down quite a large pigeon before. 
I decided to stick Ted out in the garden today so that we could all get some sun and fresh air, 
Mia my black cat is very intrigued by the new family member. Where as opal isn't too fussed. I was keeping an eye on Mia particularly, all she did was start licking the guinea pig and grooming him when I had him on my knee :-) and when I had Ted out about an hour ago opal decided to see what all the fuss was about... She plonked herself right next to Ted and started nuzzling and grooming him too! It is adorable considering I thought I would come home to horrible images....
I was hoping they would just ignore the pig, but so happy that they've accepted him after 1 day and already decided to get him in on the grooming rota :-) I'm hoping to get him a friend but that's once I have a proper outdoor run sorted and he's settled in
I would own a zoo if I could. I love my furry friends! I'm sat with my cats right now, had to put piggy back he starts licking the palm of my hand when he needs the toilet. Can't wait for more sunny days with my three furry amigos

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