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Just before Christmas I went to meadowhall intending on buying presents etc, I love the smell of soap & co products, and I did have intentions of buying their nail kit. I pretended to not be interested and it resulted in them lowering the price just to get me to buy it, can't remember exactly what I spent but there are obviously cheaper options I  paid around £15-20 for what I got. Sounds like a lot but I really wanted it. It all comes in a cute box 
Showing in the picture everything you get within the nail kit. I also wangled loads of free soap samples must have got about 10 which were small yes but I love smellies. In the kit you get hand and body lotion, I only use this for my hands, it smells lovely, most products that have lavender I find smell overpowering same with vanilla, but together it doesn't smell too strong but I love it, you don't need to put loads on but it is great for manicures. Using it as a massage lotion, you also get a buffer and a cuticle oil and nail file, I keep everything in this box so that its all together in one place, I also keep my cuticle pusher inside too. The buffer needs replacing so for the price I'm not too impressed but getting the cuticle oil has really helped with the conditions of my hands, it's prompted me to do my nails regularly, not necessarily painting them but I've had less dry skin since, has anyone else got favourite scents for their hand creams? I love this one and since Christmas I've hardly made a dent in the bottle which is great, but for savings sake I will be getting cheaper options, 
It is great as a present, the packaging is cute, smells great, only downside is the price but it was a case of I liked the smell so I treated myself. I am obsessed with applying hand creams so I use Nivea for everyday use and keep this cream for my weekly manicure 

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