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Obsession of a bath time hoarder

I have a dilemma that happens on a daily basis... What do I use for my bath/shower?
my collection has slowly dwindled since Christmas, but it's my birthday soon... Please no more body lotions! I'm suffocating. It is one thing that I hardly ever think, right I'm going to lather myself head to toe in this... Usually I just do the bath teeth then bed routine, I have so many bath products but i'm currently hinting to get more lush...
Mum I know you spy on my blog cough cough hint LUSH!!! Preferably bath bombs like maybe a hundred??? 
I hoard every gift set I am given... I have a huge box full of body lotion, hand creams (they disappear fast) bath milk, bath oils, bath salts you name it i throw it all in. I loved Christmas this year I swear I was the simple 3 for 2 boots offer just throw smellies at me :-p my boyfriend got me soap and glory... I'm saving it, although the hand food hand cream will be going in my handbag very soon. I give it a week. 
I have somehow accumulated more lotions than necessary.... Does anyone want some? I have a soap and glory I haven't even opened along with many that haven't been opened! Do people use this stuff regularly I know it's good to keep your skin hydrated but the only dry skin I have issues with is around my eyebrows. I'm going to make a vow to actually start using this stuff... I need half of it gone before my 21st or else I'm going to need a whole new box! Btw that box is full and so is my side of the bathroom cabinet.... I seriously don't even buy myself shower stuff anymore I timed my birth perfectly so that my Christmas presents last until my birthday, then my birthday presents run out just around Christmas. That is how many I get given... My mum gave me at least 5 smelly sets this year! I got the soap and glory clean on me in my gift set... It smells fantastic but I am currently trying to use up the sanctuary foaming bath milk, and champneys citrus blush body scrub... Which is fantastic!!! I love the smell the texture and it has oils in it that once you're out the bath etc you feel so silky I will definitely have to keep getting this! 
Not too keen on perfume and body wash gift sets... I would rather just have the perfume... These are the ones I use like the week before Christmas because I have nothing else, I do love Lacoste joy of pink perfume but I don't bother applying body lotion so I have about 3 now somewhere :/ is anyone else a hoarder? If I had my way lush would be in Grimsby... My nearest one is hull, my partner promised to take me to the deep around my birthday (weird obsession with fish please don't ask) So I better detour to lush and get those amazing bath bombs I keep seeing people blog about! I'm so jealous I got like one last year, here's the pics of my faves:
I had to include this sanctuary product... It's my No1 it is sooo relaxing... As you can see it is empty :( 

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