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Nail rock nail glitter

This is one of the products I received with my Birchbox today... Umm well... I love the packaging, the colour is great. It doesn't state the colour on the box but it a electric blue colour, I love it. You get the nail varnish along with a pot of glitter to match the varnish 
There's instructions inside as well as on the outside of the box
Thought to myself, it seems simple enough... Omg there is glitter everywhere! But I do LOVE the end result once it is dried and I got rid of the glitter. It states on the box to dip your nail into the glitter... Well I left it in the pot, but I think next time I might try it one a flat surface, so I get more coverage without getting the stuff all over myself. But like I said I love how my nails look, 
I wish my nails were longer, but I am trying to grow them. Overall out of general messiness I give this a 3/5 I love the packaging and once I've rinsed off glitter I'm sure it will look more fabulous! I might actually re-buy this product but I want different colours, I love the glitter, I'm thinking deep red and a white, they're on the Birchbox website for £6.99, I will see how long it lasts before I decide whether or not to purchase other colours, I don't want to spend almost £7 on something if it chips straight away.
I did apply a clear top coat on once the nails had dried, just to ensure no chipping.
Has anybody else used this? What did you think... Any suggestions for less messy ways to apply the glitter?

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