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Maybelline vs Rimmel, blusher review

I thought I would do a blog on the two different blushers I own, I do have others but they're just what I give to my sister when she wants to borrow my makeup for the millionth time. I'm looking at maybelline's Dream Touch Blush 06 which I paid £6.49 for and also I'm looking at Bourjois Paris' blusher 41 (healthy mix) which I paid £5.50 for. 
They're very different types from each other in terms of texture and how it's applied, but they're both blusters. I am used to using powdered blushers which is the Rimmel one. But on a whim I decided to try something new so I bought the Maybelline Dream Touch Blush 06 I'm not too fussed on the price as in boots it's 3 for 2. I'm still uncertain about this product. I don't hate it, but I just have on and off days with it. 

I love the colour it gives my cheeks but I think it is mainly the way it feels on my skin. Once I've applied primer and foundation etc then I'm putting this on on top of it, just feels like I'm overloading my skin, that I've got too much on. I don't like cake faces I much prefer the natural look. I do love the colour of this product and how easy it is to apply, but I won't rebut ice I run out of it. Especially since Rimmel  is cheaper, only by 99p but still. As much as I love maybelline I have to stick with this Rimmel blusher, it comes in a dinky little pot, and when I opened it out fell a tiny little brush, it also has a mirror inside.
I can't get enough of products already having compact mirrors inside. I do prefer applying a powdered blusher and I love this colour again. I really am sold by the tiny little blusher brush and the ready to use compact. Haha doesn't take much to make me happy. But overall I do like the dream touch by maybelline I think it does give the cheeks a love glow, but I just personally prefer using a powder based blusher, especially when it's cheaper :-) that's always a bonus

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