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Fragrance Direct Haul

I just had to do another haul. After the bad experience with the seaweed mask, I started focusing a lot on skin care. especially due to the reaction leaving my face with red blotches across my cheeks. I was horrified by how bad my skin felt, actually got a burning sensational that lasted for a while despite taking the mask off pretty much straight away. it went straight in the bin

I stopped wearing makeup and was making sure I was keeping my face clean and hydrated. so I went online to see what ranges of skincare they had... of course I added some makeup essentials. I didn't spend as much as last time but I'm so happy with what I've purchased:

Maybelline Colour Sensational Popsticks - Crystal Pink £1.99 RRP £5.20
Rimmel Vinyl Lip-gloss - Bite Me £1.25 RRP £2.74
Bourjois Une Skincare Discovery Kit - £2.99 RRP £8.99
Manhattan Kohl Kajal Eyeliner - 1 & 2 - £0.75 each RRP £2.99
Active Cosmetics Glamour Day Look Makeup Set - £3.49 RRP £3.49
Rimmel Pencil Sharpener £1.25 RRP ?

I love how I went on looking at skincare and ended up with eyeliners and more makeup etc. I've been hearing the rave about these colour popsticks by Maybelline. I love a good bargain and I would never spend £5.20 on something unless I'm sure I'm going to like it, but for £1.99 I added it to my basket.

Either way if I'm not keen on anything I buy my sister happily steals it from me ha-ha. it is quite a weird colour when you look at it, does actually look like one of those lollies you buy down the seafront, that kind of colour. but it smells nice. it is good for me as I do prefer looking natural, and it isn't a bold colour when you put it on, gives my lips a nice tint, it is quite good to have to just quickly apply without looking like you're over doing it, plus the neon pink packaging is adorable I love bright colours, 

but if you do prefer boldness I don't think this lipstick is for you.

I do like to carry a lip-gloss with me to keep my lips looking hydrated and glossy throughout the day. I actually like this lip-gloss by Rimmel. it's easy to apply and overall its great price wise for only £1.25 I got it in the colour bite me to give my lips a pinkish look. I'm definitely having this a handbag essential for when I go to Uni for the day.

I haven't yet had the chance to use the Une Skincare Discovery kit as I only received my stuff yesterday, but I am going to use it as off Monday and see how my skin differs throughout the week.

You get 2 tubes one is a moisturising cream for the day, and the second is a nourishing night cream. also included is a night and day nourishing water I am currently using the simple range, facial wash, toner and then moisturising face cream, day and night. But I cant wait to give this a try considering in shops it's RRP at £8.99 it also comes with a small sachet sample of their foundation which I will not be using straight away... I will be saving that for something like maybe going out somewhere nice,  I didn't expect to receive the foundation I have been seeing some good reviews about it but I usually stick to what I know with foundation, I looked on amazon to see how much the foundation would be and it does vary.
I bought two different brown eyeliners, different shades and they were only 75p each which is great! I only put black eyeliner on for a night out, so during the day I thought it would be good to invest in 2 different brown shades of eyeliners for day time use, now I can sharpen them too.

my favourite product has to be the Active Cosmetics Glamour Day Look Makeup Set, it is the same price online as it is other place I've looked, if you see it cheaper let me know!
I love getting little sets where everything I need is in one place. in the set you get 4 different shades of eye shadow, (beige/chestnut/cinnamon/coffee) there is also a highlight powder, black eye liner pencil, lip-gloss and a duel mascara, one side black one side brown. also has a mirror on the box, and for beginners just starting out with makeup it has a little step by step guide and instructions, which is great. I cant wait to use this little kit later on, I've wanted to own a brown mascara for days I want to look like I'm not wearing makeup. i'm happy with the price of the product and its great if I'm going anywhere for the weekend I just take this box with me and some foundation etc...

overall I spent about £12.47 not including the postage and packaging, but it should have cost me £24.66 at RRP cost. so roughly spent about half what it should have been which I am happy about. I will do a blog at the end of next week, on the Skincare Discovery Kit and see how it goes and whether I will be rebuying or if I will just stick to what I know with the simple range, which in it's defence although it can be a few pounds the simple products are larger. I love all my products at the minute, and I am so glad I have the sharpener... I did have to explain to my partner why I couldn't buy a Tesco value pencil sharpener ha-ha.
has anyone done any recent hauls on fragrance direct?