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First ever Birchbox

I've been hearing about these makeup box subscriptions like glossybox, and after reading a blog I follow I decided to go for Birchbox although I intend on trying both since they are the same price.  It arrived today! My first ever beauty box.

I didn't know what to expect I was hoping I would get some hair product which I did. I'm happy with the neatness of the box, how it contains cards specific to the products. 
I got an eyeliner within the box, which is great. Even better that there is a card included with step by step instructions in order to get that perfect cat eye flick... 
My first ever Birchbox contained the following:
Beauty protector - a nourishing hair oil that claims to battle UV rays, heat and breakage, you can either work 1-3 drops into damp hair or onto dry ends, I love it! Always wanted an oil like this. Can't wait to try it.
The eyeliner I got was the skinny liquid eyeliner by eyeko. 
I have tried liquid eyeliner before, the pen for this seems more defined and longer than usual liquid pens. This is going to be the first thing to try when I apply my makeup tomorrow. I really need to practice my cat eye flick!
Urbanveda radiance daily facial wash, it's vegan friendy for all you vegan lovers out there!! I have already pledged to try bourjois une discovery kit next week so this will get used when I run out, it does smell great. 
I need to start focusing more on nail care so I was happy to receive this nail rock nail glitter manucure glitter... I can't wait to rock this at the weekend, although only reason I'm never good with nails is that I can't wait for them to dry. And these need 15-20 minutes to dry, I will put it on while the soaps are on. Last but not lead I also got to beatitude joy body oil, it's a natural aromatherapy oil, again this product smells fantastic, but to buy it full sized its £34, I don't think I would spend that, but it's my birthday soon so I could request it if its really good, you're meant to massage into dry cleansed skin in circular motions to stimulate blood flow, I might see if I can convince my partner to give me a shoulder rub with this later. Also received a small bar of dark chocolate. Didn't expect to get chocolate at all which was nice because its not all about beauty it's lifestyle too... Never tried dark chocolate before, but I tried it, personally it's not for me, more of a galaxy cookie crumble fan. But I are half of it. My mind was trying to decide whether I did like it or not but it wasn't disgusting just strange.
Overall I'm very pleased with my first box, although due to financial issues I only can get the one for now, I am convincing my mum to get me a years subscription, only turn 21 once! I love the idea of getting a box once a month it is so exciting. 

If I ever did get anything I didn't need I have a 16 year old sister who is as passionate about makeup as me so I always share my stuff with her or give her stuff if I don't want it. She doesn't complain haha. Has anyone else reviewed a Birchbox recently ? What where your opinions on what was inside? 

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