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Fragrance direct

After seeing a friend blog about this website I decided to have a look because my makeup collection needed a serious makeover itself. I was on it for hours in awe! 

Calvin Klein lipstick, should have been £15 but I paid £2 
I ordered the following:
Scarlett and crimson double concealer
Manhattan long lasting gel eyeliner petrol
W7 deluxe eyebrow pencil with brush brown 1.5g
Calvin Klein delicious luxury creme lipstick delightful 125
Royal cosmetics connections brush set
Pretty face seaweed mud mask 198ml
Pretty perfect cuticle revitaliser with manicure stick
Royal funky zebra toiletry bag pink
Astor perfect stay transferproof lip tint blushing rose
Astor perfect stay transferproof lip tint tequila sunrise
When I recieved the package I opened up the brush set first, I was quite impressed I just thought I would get the brushes in a box, but instead I received them packaged in a box with the name of each brush on the back as well as a small bag for them and also a stand which I am so happy about
I can't wait to use the seaweed mask as well as the different coloured lipsticks. I will do a blog tomorrow at how the gel eyeliner goes as its too late for me to start applying makeup :-)

Everyone check out fragrance direct, they do makeup, hair kits, perfume, even stuff for men and gift sets :-)

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