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10 things I can't live without

I've seen a lot of blogs like this, or top 10 beauty products etc. thought I would do my own while I was organising my makeup bag for tomorrow
1) Tresemme heat protection spray
2) simple revitalising eye roll-on
3) mango body mist
4) Lacoste touch of pink
5) Vaseline aloe Vera/cocoa butter
6) Nivea soft moisturising cream
7) clearasil 
8) maybelline new baby skin instant pore eraser
9) maybelline dream fresh BB cream
10) maybelline volum' express mascara
I noticed I think I have a love for maybelline as I also own 2 maybelline colour tattoo eyeshadows as well as various lipsticks and their dream touch blush.
I discovered the tresemme thanks to a friend and love it, also have their keratin spray too, great product for under £5
I don't remember how I got the eye roll-on but I love the simple brand, only thing that doesn't bring my skin out in red blotches, I also have their facial wash etc too. The mango body mist came in a set of three from boots which was £6 I bought it before Christmas in their 3 for 2 sale, it has two other mists, one is pomegranate and I can't remember the other, it keeps disappearing around the house. Get value just to quickly spray yourself over. I get bought Lacoste perfume every Christmas, I currently haw touch of pink, but I admit Joy of pink is my absolute favourite, but still they're all nice, and I always carry a perfume with me. I think everyone and their nan own Vaseline now, has anyone actually finished a pot yet? Me and my sister came to the conclusion that their must be fairies who steal them before you get a chance. I lost my rose tint one which I am gutted about but the other two are still really good. My maybelline obsession now, I've already blogged about the mascara and I still love and use it daily! Along with that I bought the BB cream on the cruise back from Belgium, I think it's great as I'm not too keen on caking on foundation plus it has SPF 30 in it too. I bought the baby skin instant pore eraser as maybelline is usually on 3 for 2 in my super drug (I bought lipstick at the time) do naturally I had to take advantage of the offer. It really is quite good but I've only worn it a few times. Not bad and it's cheaper than the tiny little pot of primer they sell, this was about £7 I think. I cannot live without my Nivea soft I put it on every morning and night, usually after I wash my face with clearasil, sometimes through the day, I now have 3 tubs like the one in the photo because my mum bought me a gift set for Christmas, which is great because they're about £5 each sometimes so at least I won't need to stock up for ages! Really is a great moisturising cream, especially for my sensitive skin :-)

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