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Makeup - 'mazin mascara

I'm one of these people that if I'm just knocking about the house for the day I don't bother putting makeup on, but of it involves stepping outside of the house, even to nip across the road to tesco, I HAVE to put something on my face. I'm not so vain where I will sit for hours applying a full face just to get a loaf of bread but I do at least put mascara on, especially the new one that I bought 
Maybelline volume express, I got a pack of 3 when I went on the ferry to Belgium earlier this month. It is amazing, I hate mascara that looks lathered on, clumpy and thick etc. basically panda eyes and people who put like five coats on. It really makes my eyes look big, and especially for work when I'm up early It makes my eyes pop so I don't look like I'm as shattered as I actually am,
I took this photo yesterday to show the difference, the eye on the left has no mascara and the other eye does. It really lengthens out my eyelashes which are short in my opinion but you can't tell when wearing this mascara as it doesn't clump my eyelashes together. Absolutely love this mascara. Carry it EVERYWHERE 

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