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Belgium January 2014

Belgium 2014
At Christmas I booked a trip to Belgium as a surprise for my partner. And that is how we spent our first weekend of the new year, it was great. For people that haven't been to Belgium, it really is a beautiful place, unfortunately the outdoor ice-skating wasn't available at this time of year, so we are going to go back in December. We went with P&O ferries from Hull on the Friday, we spent most of our time on the ferry playing card games, having a couple of drinks and fiddling about with the heating in the cabin. But we loved our time in Belgium. we walked towards the centre which isn't far from the coach drop off point, on the way we decided to find a place to have some crepes, but ended up in a tucked away café above a chocolate shop, which was just perfection, we were the only ones there and we both decided to order a hot chocolate each. we didn't expect to receive a large mug each full of hot milk, and with that we also got a tray which had milk chocolate drops in a bowl for me and white chocolate drops for tom, which we were to pour in our milk and mix in ourselves making it as chocolately as we wanted. it was so cute, we had little whisks to mix the chocolate drops and biscuit each to dunk in. I just had to take a photo, we got mini marshmallows too, and ordered some pancakes for breakfast, or a waffle I'm not too sure :-)

we did want to go on a horse drawn carriage but because Tom doesn't have a job money was tight for our weekend away, so we've decided we will do it next time we go to Belgium, it is a shame it did look cosy, on the carriage

it was about €40 if anyone is considering doing it, and it's quite a nice trip around the town and market centre. There are many different types of cafes and restaurants around the centre that you can choose from, we did find a nice little place that were selling Haagen-Dazs related foods and coffees, we decided against going once we saw the price, plus we wanted a bit more than €8 ice-cream pudding, but if we had more money we would have lived a little I suppose haha
Before we actually got to the town centre we walked through a little street surrounded by a little lake, there were a lot of swans around on the grassy area, Tom absolutely hates swans even though I think they are quite beautiful, I took far too many photos of these swans :-)

it is a shame that we didn't have any bread to feed them, I don't think Tom would have liked that anyway, he looked rather worried when I suggested going on the decking section to take a nice photo of the group gathering near people who did have bird food with them.

There were a few different exhibitions etc, unfortunately the Picasso one wasn't showing in January so again that is something we will have to see when we go in a December one year, along with the outdoor ice-skating rink which was also closed at this time of year :-( but we did go to a Salvador Dali exhibition, for me I loved it, Tom however kept pointing out all the paintings that had human anatomy in it, he sulked when I told him to shush

Salvador Dali did 12 paintings influenced by Lewis Caroll's Alice in Wonderland, they were my favourite paintings. My particular favourite of this set is the one that shows the part of the book where Alice grows and she ends up with her arms and legs sticking out of the windows of the house.


the one showing the Cheshire cat is also good, and the one with the caterpillar, Tom unfortunately doesn't share my passion for art or Alice in Wonderland, but I made him look around the whole gallery considering it was €10 each to get in. there is also a history of Bruges place that was quite interesting they had a hawk and an owl there that you could stroke and hold, not sure on the reference between the birds and the museum but I do love wildlife, so both myself and tom held the hawk, it was funny when we walked in and saw it because it shot out a very large poo that went all over the floor! I felt sorry for the guy that worked with the hawk he had to clean it all up, people coming down the stairs nearly stood in it. the hawk started squawking really loud because someone brought a dog in, the poor dog looked so confused, but the owner didn't get the hint, why would you try and take a dog into a museum anyway? especially when there is a bird squawking every time the dog goes near it why wouldn't you take the dog outside... once the dog owner realised he was an idiot he took the dog out and we got to hold the hawk finally, we got away bird poo free as well thank god!

the scenery around the places we walked were really beautiful too, and there were plenty of gorgeous buildings, really is a beautiful place to visit, we loved walking down the old cobbled streets. And next time we will definitely have to go when the outdoor ice-skating rink is open because that's the things tom was most looking forward to when he found out we were going.

We will definitely be going back there sometime, it was a great weekend, we even enjoyed the food on the ferry, on the way there, and we are thinking about doing a P&O trip to Amsterdam. I've been there before and so has Tom but we haven't been together, plus I would love to go to the Anne Frank house there


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